After weeks of sifting through your heartfelt nominations, it’s time we give these data stewards the accolades they deserve. Announcing this year’s finalists and honorable mentions:


Erika Figueroa, Campus Community Supervisor at Capella University
An online university can’t be lackadaisical about its data – there are too many students, too many academic reports and too much at stake. Fortunately, Capella University has one of the best data stewards around: Erika Figueroa. Erika is responsible for matching, streamlining and verifying student data, making sure each student is in the database only once, with an accurate academic history. She also protects the university from fraud and serves as the backbone to other parts of the organization.

Angela Shanahan, Senior Data Governance Analyst for HD Supply
Employees of HD Supply have quickly learned that if there’s one person to know in the office, it’s Angela. She lives and breathes every aspect of her company’s data, navigating the competing demands of each team and delivering top-tier solutions. And since she’s responsible for everything from data administration to metadata intelligence for three critical data areas, Angela not only works as a data steward, she defines what it means to be a data steward.


Brian DeKam, Business Intelligence Manager at Compassional International
Known around the office as an innovative thinker who has a heart for the customer, Brian is a true leader and visionary when it comes to transforming data into actionable information. He leads his team to think beyond just delivering information to the rest of the organization and helps them find valuable insights in company data.

Jonathan Tagupa, Senior Manager of Database and Reporting at 89 Degrees
To be a true data steward rock star, you can’t just work hard – you also have to work fast and smart. And that’s what sets Jonathan apart from his peers. Jonathan builds data models, solves problems and generates new insights – plus he understands how to configure large amounts of data that don’t slow down processing times.

Brett Caracciolo, VP of Data Governance at The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd
Quite possibly the godfather of data stewards, Brett created a data stewardship program with more than 40 data stewards. The group has made strides in exception processing, dynamic reporting, prioritization and automation of data quality scorecards and dashboards. Brett is also helping to develop a new customer on-boarding application to enforce data policy.